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FREE appraisals Antiques, Jewelry, Furniture, and other property for sale. We offer turn key support

                     Our Services Include

 Supply : We will supply all presentation tables ,pricing tags and stickers to be used at the sale, at no cost to the client.

Research : We will research all items to be sold in order to reach a fair market value before selling them.

Organization: We will organize, test(where possible) clean up (where applicable) and price each item to be sold.

Handle : We will handle the advertising for the client.

Permits: Estate Sales,will obtain a permit where necessary.

Responsibility: We accept responsibility for all checks taken at the sale.

Item Disposal: Offer a complete disposal after the sale.

Trash Disposal: Offer trash disposal where necessary.

Bonded:  We are Bonded and up to date.

Charge buy Commission Our charges are based on the gross receipts of the sale. Commission is flexible.




FREE Consultation for your Estate Sale needs.

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